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UniGlocal InterTrade FZCO

UniGlocal InterTrade is the proud owner of Chicki-Chunk. Chicki-Chunk ready-meal
chicken was a finalist for Gulfood Halal Awards 2014, and a SIAL Innovation Selection
in Paris, featured locally in 7 Days, and in international industry publications such as
Food News..

Chicki-Chunk is a range of 11 variants of white chicken breast meat in delicious flavors,
including international favorites such as Mayonnaise, and regionalized flavors such as
Shawarma, Tikka, Kebab and Biryani. Chicki Chunk products are premium products:
NON-GMO, BPA-Free, no added preservatives, 100% certified as Halal products as per
the GCC standards & around the world, it is also a 2 years’ shelf life product.

UniGlocal is expanding rapidly now, and we are excited to be the leading brand in the
MENA region in a new category of Ready Meal food products.



We work to provide local consumers in our target markets access to the highest
possible value for what they want, from the best of what global producers offer.


To provide logistical, marketing, and distribution solutions that move products from
all over the world into our target markets at retail pricing that gives consumers in those
markets better options for purchasing according to their own values.



UniGlocal operates on a value-chain philosophy that considers the long-term benefit of
our operation not only financially, but societally as well. We are a self-regulating, socially
responsible trading company, uniting global producers with local markets, specializing in
the Middle East and North Africa.It is our aim to provide our markets with locally relevant and
affordable products recognized for their quality. We believe that the best strategy for creating
value for our shareholders is in creating value for our stakeholders as well. Our stakeholders
include our suppliers, clients, employees, and target consumers.What’s good for us, should be
good for all of us.



UniGlocalIntertrade FZCO is a privately owned general trading company, registered in the Jebal Ali Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates. We have formal presence in Dubai, Yemen, Egypt, East Africa, Jordan & Iraq and we have distribution networks into Libya, Djibuti, and most of the GCC nations.